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July 2013



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Jul. 1st, 2013


What is an OT5? Where did this term come from?

This is a small guide to new and old DBSK fans who wonder what OT5 really means and where it came from.

If you listen to Kpop you might have come across this term which a lot of DBSK fans (Cassiopeia) like to use.

Some fans may ask you "Are you an OT5?" or claim "I'm an OT5". What it basically means is that you are a fan of all 5 original DBSK members. I personally don't like to use the term OT5 though and prefer to say "OT5 fan". Let me explain why:

If you are a fanfiction reader you might know that at the beginning of each story there is a short explanation what the FF is about. Usually they state the rating, a plot, number of chapters etc.. and there is also the point "pairing". It states which couple the fanfiction is about! So when you read a YunJae fanfiction with a little bit of Yoosu it would say: Pairing: YunJae; Yoosu or sth like that. In Kpop there is this fanservice with members being paired and it's nothing unusual if someone asks you which your favorite "couple" in a group is. And you would say "My OTP is ___"

An OTP stands for "One True Pairing" and means the "ultimate couple". My personal OTP is and will always be Yunjae, cause they were real :P But that's just a side note.

Now you know what OTP means. You might ask "what is OT5 then?" - OT5 is basically the same kind of term, it stands for "One True 5" and pretty much means the "ultimate number is 5".

If you use OT5 then you are referring to all 5 members of a group. If you say OT13, it means you are referring to all 13 members of a group. It's like you are pairing the entire group TOGETHER. :) Suddenly it's not just the OTP Yunjae or OTP Eunhae or whoever.. it's the entire group who is the ultimate couple. You ship all 5 or all 13.. or OT7 and so on.^^

In the past (before the lawsuit) OT5 was just a term to describe that your ultimate couple / ultimate pairing is the entire group and not just 2 guys.^^ If I started reading a fanfiction in the past and saw the term OT5 then I knew it was a story about all 5. If someone asked me who my favorite member was I would say "I like OT5." = I don't have a bias I ship them all together.

However AFTER the lawsuit international fans took this term and started using it in a different way. They would all of sudden say "I'm an OT5" in order to explain that they believe in all 5 and that they are fans of all 5 members. In the fandom they distinguish between "stans" (JYJ or HoMin only fans) and the "OT5" (fans of all members).

And this is just plain wrong because we are not OT5s! DBSK are OT5 (One True 5 Pairing) ... WE are CASSIOPEIA. We are OT5 FANS! But saying "I'm an OT5" is just wrong, it doesn't make sense.^^

I hope I could make it clear for some of you. ;)


Jun. 6th, 2013


Just curious...

is any of my followers still using LJ? XD I haven't been here for ages ...
Kinda miss this place where you could write your personal stuff and had only a handful of readers ...

Many things changed I don't even know how this works anymore..

I lost contact with so many of you.. if you read this, how have you been?

edit: My LJ is so ruined... tinypic either deleted or replaced my pictures with some random shit and now it's all fucked up. I can pretty much delete all entries or search up the pictures again.. but I'm way too lazy to do that^^... omo.. x.x


Nov. 18th, 2011


FANACCOUNT JYJ IN BERLIN CONCERT PART 3 / Rant about certain people


(To read Part 2 go here: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53982.html)
(To read Part 1 go here: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

And now after the happy things I need to rant a bit about certain people who really pissed me off after the concert!
(And no, not the stans this time xD)

We were already used to get bashed by some stupid people, who can’t read, when we posted “rules of common sense” and we were also used to hear stupid comments like “Uh why does Phoenix organize projects at all? They think they’re important or what? They act like bosses… blabla” we were used to hear a lot of crap.. but never expected people to get jealous and giving us a bad name AFTER the concert!

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(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

Please note: None of these videos are mine. Credits go to their respective owners on youtube!

(Sunday) 06.11.2011 – The Concert

A/N: The Phoenix projects for that concert were:
  • Red Ocean
  • White Ocean during 'In Heaven' performance
  • Fanchants
  • Flashmob during ‘Be My Girl’
  • Singing along to Chajatta
  • Shouting ‘JYJ Saranghae’ to get an encore
When the concert started the first thing they played was the JYJ 'In Heaven' - teaser. Everyone turned on their red lightsticks and we were shouting so loudly.. everyone went crazy. The 2 security guys in front of us looked at each other and you could see on their faces they prejudiced us. I bet they were thinking like: "Oh look yet another bunch of crazy fangirls."


Ohh if only they knew what they would see in the next 2 hours.

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Nov. 16th, 2011




(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

(Sunday) 06.11.2011 – Ticket Fight

Then we went to the hostel for a last time to get changed into warmer clothes… and we needed our tickets, hand warmers, thermal blankets and all that other stuff…  ^_^ Teta and Jasmin joined us too and together we head off to the Tempodrom. I was sooo excited..  We reached the venue a little bit before 1AM…

A nice security guy came to us and asked what kind of tickets we have. We said “SVIP and VIP” and he said: “The queue is over there” (on the left side…) The queue for the normal tickets was almost empty..  There were maybe 5 people lining up. Not like on the other side. xD The (S)VIP queue had about 50 people sitting there with thick blankets that they brought from their hotels or sleeping bags.. I saw Kimia and Xuxu too.. who were half asleep.. but when they saw me they said hi and quickly told us what was going on.

OMI didn’t care to tell the Tempodrom about the fans and so nobody prepared security or fences. One guy then noticed them and they told him what would happen in the next few hours. xD The staff felt sorry for us so they arranged security and this nice guy took care of us the whole freakin night! Thanks to him we survived and were also allowed to use the toilets. 

We sat down almost at the edge of the staircases and made ourselves ‘comfortable’ on the cartons…

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(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

(Saturday) 05.11.2011 – Fanmeeting

When I woke up on Saturday I almost couldn’t move! My limbs, my muscles every little part of my body hurt!!! It was like a truck had run over me. I’m not kidding. xD I slept for 9 hours the other girls one hour less cause they wanted to shower and eat breakfast. I knew I wouldn’t wake up so early so I said I’d skip breakfast and shower last.

From that time on my phone kept ringing every few minutes.. around 11PM I remember Nadine called me and told me that she arrived in Berlin but had to wait til 3PM to check in.. so they decided to go to the Tempodrom to check out the location.. and there were already 10-20 people lining up!!!It was crazy! xD

But I told her that we would still have the fanmeeting at 5PM and we’d come at 12AM as planned.
I showered, got ready and around noon we left the Hostel to do some sight-seeing. I remembered that on our street there was a Bubble Tea shop and because I never had the opportunity to try I wanted to buy one so desperately!! xD The other girls also wanted to try!! We found it and they were about to open.. so I decided to go buy sth quickly to eat from the bakery. (I was so hungry since I didn’t had breakfast with them. ^^) And when we went back it was open… ^_^

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Nov. 14th, 2011




(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

(Friday) 04.11.2011 – Trip to Berlin

My trip to Berlin started on Friday morning. I didn’t have any sleep that night (damn insomnia) and so I prepared my luggage with everything that I planned to bring with me. 150 white lightsticks, Phoenix Shirts, Photobooks and a lot of other stuff… some clothes to wear too xD…
(click here for larger image)

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Nov. 10th, 2011




Part 1 1(1/2)
The’ funny’ thing was those tickets were available the whole night!! xD
The first half an hour nobody noticed.. but then slowly we realized that all of our friends got SVIP tickets! Something was definitely going wrong. We told OMI but they didn’t reply.. we thought they went already to bed.

The next morning the (S)VIP tickets were sold out… and the seating map gone.
We already predicted the worst.. We knew they sold more SVIP that they had.
OMI never explained it to us.. they just said they’d release a new seating map soon. They had actually changed the map a few times. Before Monday they put up a map with “principal” tickets.. and SVIP was still rare.. But after they saw how many SVIP were bought they changed it again.

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Fanaccount JYJ in Berlin Concert Part 1 (1/2) / Rant About OMI


First of all before I start writing about the JYJ concert in Berlin I need to rant a bit about the epic fail of organization called “Open Music International” (OMI).

What happened the past few months til the day of the concert was so unbelievably frustrating!! I just need to write it down to show you (who were not there and haven’t gone through that stress) how unprofessional everything was.

Open Music International was created specifically for the JYJ concerts in Europe. I have no idea who these people were but they seemed like a bunch of Spanish fans who had too much time and money on their hands. On top of that they lacked in English and often couldn’t communicate with the rest of the world.
A few days before the tickets for Barcelona went on sale they opened their website and thanks to a bug fans were able to buy about 300 tickets beforehand!  You can imagine how pissed everyone was but they didn’t do anything about it. In general they didn’t care much about fairness.  
When the tickets went on sale it was a total mess! Their website crashed and people were not able to buy tickets. Then some Spanish fans shared an alternative link to Amiando website where there were VIP tickets available for about 10 minutes. This link was shared only among friends. OMI didn’t post it on their Facebook or Twitter before all the VIP tickets were gone! It took them like half an hour to confirm that the Amiando site is legit. -.- By the time they did VIP ticks were sold out and fans were left frustrated with general tickets.
The venue in Barcelona was actually pretty lame. They had only about 300 seats and 7000 standing tickets. This was one of the reasons why I chose to go to Berlin instead.

Anyway few days later they announced that the tickets for Berlin concert would go on sale on Friday 12PM. The day came closer and closer and there was still no info about the prizes or a seating plan. The only thing OMI kept telling us was “We’ll announce it soon.” This ‘soon’ meant: On Friday 12PM.^^

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Jul. 13th, 2011


Dear diary... (gotta share this cause it fits so well today xD)


02.12.2001 (3 days before my 13th birthday)

Dear diary,

today we went to the movies. With ___ and ___ .We have watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. The movie was pretty cool.
I liked Harry Potter, the boy, a lot. I read that they plan to release Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.
Part 2 in year 2002
Part 3 in year 2003
and part 4 in year 2004.
So to say I'll be 16 years old then. And Daniel/ Harry Potter 17.
I think part 2 is about Harry being in 2nd grade after the summer vacation.



(A/N: I didn't read the books at that time.. so I just assumed the second film was about Harry going back to school..)

LOL xDDD Funny how I'm actually 22 now and Harry finally finished school.. It feels so surreal.. 10 years passed by so quickly!!

I will miss the whole Harry Potter hype.. T_T

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