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Dear diary... (gotta share this cause it fits so well today xD)


02.12.2001 (3 days before my 13th birthday)

Dear diary,

today we went to the movies. With ___ and ___ .We have watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone. The movie was pretty cool.
I liked Harry Potter, the boy, a lot. I read that they plan to release Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.
Part 2 in year 2002
Part 3 in year 2003
and part 4 in year 2004.
So to say I'll be 16 years old then. And Daniel/ Harry Potter 17.
I think part 2 is about Harry being in 2nd grade after the summer vacation.



(A/N: I didn't read the books at that time.. so I just assumed the second film was about Harry going back to school..)

LOL xDDD Funny how I'm actually 22 now and Harry finally finished school.. It feels so surreal.. 10 years passed by so quickly!!

I will miss the whole Harry Potter hype.. T_T