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Fanaccount JYJ in Berlin Concert Part 1 (1/2) / Rant About OMI


First of all before I start writing about the JYJ concert in Berlin I need to rant a bit about the epic fail of organization called “Open Music International” (OMI).

What happened the past few months til the day of the concert was so unbelievably frustrating!! I just need to write it down to show you (who were not there and haven’t gone through that stress) how unprofessional everything was.

Open Music International was created specifically for the JYJ concerts in Europe. I have no idea who these people were but they seemed like a bunch of Spanish fans who had too much time and money on their hands. On top of that they lacked in English and often couldn’t communicate with the rest of the world.
A few days before the tickets for Barcelona went on sale they opened their website and thanks to a bug fans were able to buy about 300 tickets beforehand!  You can imagine how pissed everyone was but they didn’t do anything about it. In general they didn’t care much about fairness.  
When the tickets went on sale it was a total mess! Their website crashed and people were not able to buy tickets. Then some Spanish fans shared an alternative link to Amiando website where there were VIP tickets available for about 10 minutes. This link was shared only among friends. OMI didn’t post it on their Facebook or Twitter before all the VIP tickets were gone! It took them like half an hour to confirm that the Amiando site is legit. -.- By the time they did VIP ticks were sold out and fans were left frustrated with general tickets.
The venue in Barcelona was actually pretty lame. They had only about 300 seats and 7000 standing tickets. This was one of the reasons why I chose to go to Berlin instead.

Anyway few days later they announced that the tickets for Berlin concert would go on sale on Friday 12PM. The day came closer and closer and there was still no info about the prizes or a seating plan. The only thing OMI kept telling us was “We’ll announce it soon.” This ‘soon’ meant: On Friday 12PM.^^

Half an hour before the tickets went on sale their website crashed. And we were begging for a statement whether there would be an Amiando link again or not.. We didn’t know anything. OMI remained silent. It was 12PM still nothing.. Can you imagine how stressed out we fans were? Sitting infront of our PC’s/Laptops.. full of adrenalin and lack of sleep because we couldn’t get any the whole night because we were so excited and nervous for the tickets. And nothing was happening.

I literally raped the F5 button to refresh the page.. but sometimes I had to rant about it on my facebook wall.. others took a break, made themselves a coffee.. lol I had to pee like 3 times before SUDDENLY they posted the amiando link on FB/Twitter.

You have no idea how stressed out I was!!!!!!!!  It came so unexpected I wasn’t prepared for it at all. I was searching the tab and changed browser and whatnot.. and then it was the first time I saw the prizes and tickets.. they had SVIP, VIP and General (for 100€, 70€ and 50€). By the time I realized what was going on and where and how.. SVIP ticks were gone and VIP’s as well. Leaving me with no choice but to buy general. I had to buy for my friends too.. So I was under more pressure than others.. I didn’t wanna disappoint them. I kept refreshing and managed to buy 1 VIP ticket after all. But for the rest I could only buy normal tickets.
After the mess was over I explained everything to my friends, we calmed down and were happy to have tickets at all. I was not amazed by it.. but there was nothing we could do.

Then the next shock came.
A few hours later OMI announced: We’re gonna sell more SVIP and VIP tickets tomorrow 9PM!

I was like: WHAT.THE.FUCK? O_O

How can you actually sell more if you sold them all out today? And what am I gonna do with my current ticket???

Everyone was furious…

The next day everyone was impatiently waiting again and I thought: Okay what do I have to lose? Just try it again and if it works out you can just sell the others. My friends agreed with me and so I was again sitting there and waiting for them to open the ticket sales. This time I had saved the amiando links and just had to refresh the page. Again I was full of adrenalin and super nervous.. But everything for nothing… When it got 9PM, OMI announced on Facebook that “they will sell the tickets on Monday”. -.-

I was sooooooooo pissed… omg my head was about to explode!!!! Seriously.. I’ve never NEVER experienced such a thing .. and I’ve bought lots of tickets in the past for concerts.. I thought SMTown was a mess but OMI was taking unprofessionalism to another level.

I mean how could they play with us like this? They knew all day long they’d need more time and that they wouldn’t make it til 9PM why couldn’t they tell us earlier? I remember a lot of people took a day off of work to be able to buy them on Friday noon … others skipped school or university.. and then they come and add another day and even postpone it again to freakin Monday!!!
I was lucky because I’m not visiting any school atm… but still I was tired from all this stress.

When Monday came I was ready for everything. My friends and I even started making jokes what could possibly go wrong this time. xD
And there were a lot of things …. First they added so called “Upgrades”… and it took me about half an hour to get what they mean by ‘Upgrade’.. Sometimes they said you can upgrade normal tickets only, later they said you can upgrade VIPs too.. they didn’t have a clue themselves…
And on top of that they were sending out a special “code” via email.. (that of course not everyone got) which you had to use to upgrade your ticket in order to not pay the full amount of money. But later some codes didn't work so OMI decided to ignore the codes.. and we didn't have to use them. It was a HUGE mess.. 

When tickets went on sale the site crashed.. and we were trying for about 3-4 hours to get ticks.. sometimes we got them and while we were paying Amiando crashed.. and we had to start anew.
I remember I managed to buy some VIP upgrades and one from VIP to SVIP.. I wanted my friends to get SVIP upgrade too.. but it was sooo so difficult. And then the site was completely down.
By accident I checked out their website again (that nobody used cause it was a fail from the beginning) and I saw that there were still (S)VIP ticks and upgrades left!!!
I immediately ordered a few before they were gone.

Part 1 (2/2)