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Part 1 1(1/2)
The’ funny’ thing was those tickets were available the whole night!! xD
The first half an hour nobody noticed.. but then slowly we realized that all of our friends got SVIP tickets! Something was definitely going wrong. We told OMI but they didn’t reply.. we thought they went already to bed.

The next morning the (S)VIP tickets were sold out… and the seating map gone.
We already predicted the worst.. We knew they sold more SVIP that they had.
OMI never explained it to us.. they just said they’d release a new seating map soon. They had actually changed the map a few times. Before Monday they put up a map with “principal” tickets.. and SVIP was still rare.. But after they saw how many SVIP were bought they changed it again.

We were waiting and waiting… and like 2-3 days later they released the final map. They turned half of the fosse to SVIP and half of it to VIP. It was a joke. VIP’s must have felt so betrayed. Before their section was so much closer. T.T

I forgot to mention that all this time when OMI posted information they posted it in Spanish first and then minutes later in English. The first days when they opened their FB Page every info was in Spanish only.. and people started complaining.. after all not only Spanish fans had planned to visit the concert in Barcelona. -.- And til the end OMI remained so freakin biased. -.-

Before the concert in Barcelona started (like a week before) they posted FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).. regarding when they can exchange their ticket for a numbered seat or when the doors will open.. etc…(Here again we thought it was so unfair because our seats had no numbers. Neither in Barcelona nor in Berlin and OMI told us date and time only few days before the concert!! They would exchange them on 2 days.. some fans didn't know and booked their train/flight on the actual concert day... so many of them missed it and had to depend on friends to exchange for them to get a good seat T.T That's what I meant earlier with 'they didn't care much about fairness')

When it was time for Berlin concert it took them a whole week to translate the FAQ’s in English and they posted it only 3 days before!!! And there were SO many things unclear! For example they used “lockers” for the word “ticket office”. “Lockers will open at 10AM.” Everyone was like: “Eh, what lockers?” “Where are the FAQ’s?”, “I want the FAQ’s to the FAQ’s” xD It was again a mess.

3 days before the concert in Berlin (when some fans were already on their way to Germany) they sent us an email asking us to confirm the upgrades! We had to follow a link where we had to fill out a form with our tickets and upgrades ... I'm not sure how important that was and what happened to those who missed this.. but it was again sth last-minute that pissed us off. 

At the day of the concerts it wasn’t any better. I heard from people who went to Barcelona that OMI staff members were walking around not knowing what to do! They were completely lost and not really helpful.

But at least they were present. In Berlin they didn’t care coming at all! They didn’t prepare security for us fans outside the venue nor did they tell the Tempodrom staff what’s gonna happen!

When fans lined up in the night before the concert the staff there noticed us and fans informed them what’s going on and how many people would show up later. They were so kind and put up barriers so fans could line up more easily. The security spent the whole night there with us checkin out if we were alright. He was walking up and down the Tempodrom. He guided fans where to line up and opened doors when we had to use the toilets. If he and the others hadn’t been there we’d have been in big trouble. I’m so thankful towards the staff and security and I will never forget this.

Poor guys had to deal with so much because OMI messed up. When it was 10AM we stood up and got ready to exchange our tickets but nothing happened until 11AM-12PM. One of the staff told me she knows as much as I know.. nothing. They were having phone calls with people and tried to clean up OMI’s mess. They were really confused.. and I don’t blame them for taking so long to open the ticket office. I just felt so sorry and second-hand-embarrassed because of all this shit.

Last but not least when they opened the doors for the Tempodrom there was the last and biggest surprise/disappointment of OMI. (And I even made jokes about it before -.-) We went inside and people told us our seats were already taken! ALREADY TAKEN?!!!!! OMI sold indeed more SVIP tickets than they had!!!!

We went to the office and they tried to calm us down  (again the staff there was so friendly.. even had to deal with angry fans I’m so sorry.. I know it was not your fault.. T.T) They explained to us that we’re not the only ones with that problem and that we should calm down they’d find a solution so everyone is happy. I looked around there were like 10 other people around us with the same problem.. I wanted to cry. My friends went to check the seats again and when they came back they told me our seats are empty. So we went inside.
Others didn’t have the same luck. They had to sit somewhere else in the end (more behind). Which was the most frustrating thing ever. We spent the whole night infront of the venue it was cold as shit and when we got our seats we were so relieved.. just to get disappointed later on…
It’s the biggest mess I’ve ever seen in my life. And I’ve been to many concerts but never experienced anything like it.

Today it's been 4 days since the concert in Berlin happened and OMI still hasn't written anything about it on their website! On facebook they put up a note about "How JYJ brings over 3000 people together in Barcelona". No words about Berlin. They only posted 2 pictures of fans lining up infront of Tempodrom.. that's all. 


JYJ has already left the city of Barcelona and landed in Germany to do their second concert in our continent. Berlin was the city chosen to please the fans in the north and east of europe. They concert will take place on sunday the 6th of november at 19 o´clock at the Tempodrom stadium.

(The note was posted yesterday.. the Berlin concert already happended 4 days ago. xD Just saying...)

Some are thankful to OMI for bringing JYJ to Europe which I can’t understand. After all this stress, after all we’ve been through the last thing I’m gonna do is thank OMI! I thank JYJ for coming to Europe and for working hard. I thank C-JeS for not canceling Berlin or even both concerts. And last but not least I thank the fans for being such a great fandom and supporting each other! During the ticket sales, during the lining up, even during the concert.. You guys were the reason why the concerts didn’t fail!

And I’m very proud of you! :)

More about the actual concert and fanmeeting in THE NEXT PART! ;)

I promise more pictures and videos in the next one.xD


OMI has been the biggest crap anyone could find anywhere.

Thanks for your fanaccount, people needs to know all this. Do you mind if I link your fanaccounts? (like on my twitter/LJ)
Not at all feel free to share!! ;)

I pray they'll never ever organize a concert again..
I know how you feel it wasn't normal I really thanked Sebastian for sticking with us through the night and B.E.S.T if they weren't there me and my friends would have frozen to death or pee'd our pants because it wasn't cool at all. we have stayed there since six a'clock till the next morning and a group of Japanese woman ordered a big bulk of tickets and they got the wrong tickets they had S-VIP but got regular seats for the SVIP price I was really mad at that.. but in the end I got pretty much good tickets we were in block 23 but I was separated from my friends!

I've been to barcelona also and that was the biggest disaster ever there's so much to tell about those 2 days because I've slept for the night there also.
People came "back" after 5 hours but tey had places infront of the line and I was so mad I was separated from my friends but crossed the line to sit with them also, not only that but there was also a club with a party before and they started smoking pot and dealing drugs next to us while we sat in the line. fights broke out and there was NO SECURITY TO BE SEEN even the Police laughed at us and drove passed us they were unbelievable. there were so many things unclear that day all the "staff" didn't know what was happening to them and they had to take care of everything but they knew it they came in a big pile of shit and what OMI did and all was nothing but cause a bigger buzz. the bad thing off it all was that the whole VIP and SVIP seats were bad.. I'm glad I had standing places... it was told the SVIP and VIP could get inside earlier but the VIP and FOSSE got in together so the alot of the VIP's weren't upfront nor in their desinated seats...

I have to agree with you that I'm so gratefull for the people from Tempodrom and JYJ and the fans if we fighted in that line I would have screamed.. I don't know if you know me but we were the DUTCH girls the one who said to BACK UP in the line so everyone could lay/sit :P

anyways A+ for your whole account ;p
Oh yeah Sebastian was really great!! He was always there when I was searching for him. xD We didn't need to wait for long. And he was funny too. When I asked him "could we use the toilets"? he was like: "If you ask nicely"... and we were like: "pleaaaaase *puppy eyes*" xDD He was just teasing.. but so funny ...
And the other staff of B.E.S.T were great too. I'm so so thankful they helped out.

Omg what happened to Barcelona sounds even worse. O_O I can't believe that!!!
Yeah when I saw the view SVIP tickets had in Barcelona I felt so bad for the fans.. they totally got betrayed ... so much money for nothing.

Hm my group and I came to the Tempodrom at 1AM.... I think we didn't met at that time. xD you were there before us right?

But when we lined up we were sitting on the stairs ... and later some Japanese fans came and sat next to us.. and some of them sat on the stairs infront of us.. and one greek girl was so kind and told them to pls line up behind us... cause it was really unfair.. thankfully they listened.

you summed up everything I wanted to say about OMI 'awesomeness'.
Plus, because of OMI fail, I'm afraid the boys have lost quite some money. If OMI could have arranged a numbered ticket sale online, and Tempodrom would not have to hire 24+ hours security service team. B.E.S.T is very well established, therefore, quite pricey.
Yeah you're right. If they had arranged numbered tickets from the beginning it would have been so much easier!! It was quite ironic that we who paid the most (SVIP and VIP) had to line up like homeless people.. -.- I could have done other things during that time I wasted freezing my ass off in front of the venue..
The SMTown concert in paris was so much better in that point.
Luckily we didn't have any trouble with our seats, but the mess sure is very troublesome. It affects JYJ's reputation whether we want it or not, and that's the main reason I'm still a bit angry. The second reason is, I still haven't got my 200 € back from three general tickets even though they promised to make a refund. So when I resieved my seated tickets in Berlin, I actually got 3 SVIP and 3 general ones. Then I went to whine that how do I prove to OMI I didn't use the 3 general tickets. The tickets office said it's fine if I've sent e-mail to these guys. Well, I have, but still hadn't got my money back. 200 € isn't that little amount... I hated to whine because it wasn't the fault of the stuff in Berlin but OMI's.
-Satu (Cassiopeia Finland)
Omo what a mess!!! Did they send you the money back by now? My friend has/had the same problem but she's also emailing them and waiting.. it's so annoying. I hope they keep their promise.. 200€ is a lot of money. -.-

I went to both the Barcelona and Berlin concerts, and while I didn't have as many problems as you (since I had normal tickets in both cases), the organization was really crappy overall =_= Barcelona was especially bad for me, because the whole process of exchanging our e-tickets for the bracelet was ridiculously slow, and especially because the queue to enter the venue for those of us who had standing tickets was a nightmare. There were no barriers at all, so a bunch of people ended up adding themselves to the front at the last moment by pretending they were with friends =_= I stood in the queue for over 10 hours (and many were there much earlier than me), so it felt really unfair.
Just finished this part of the fanaccount and I feel so sorry for the SVIP/VIPs.. not that normal seats where any batter chaos wise. I already told myself to NEVER go to a concert again if it's organised by OMI. No matter how badly I want to go. I had so much stress, sleepless nights etc.. no going to a concert OMI organizes is very bad for your health.
omo...I already heard this with the 'Double' seating and all..and I have to say..OMI go and DIE !!
it's so hard for the fans, because you paid so much money and then sit at a seat, that's not the same price...I can say, that I'm thankful, that we only got the 'normal' ones...and I have to say, that the ticket exchange and all the other things in the tempodrom went so good. The staff there is really great!
(and I had such a good few..I love this location....)
yeah totally agree!!
it was just so frustrating.. i've never seen such a mess at a concert.. EVER.

On the other hand I was so glad with the Tempodrom staff and security.. they were the best!! thank god they were there.
I hope next time (if there's gonna be a next time) they'll let Germans organize this for Germany.. and not spanish!! Or at least someone who knows English!! -.-
So true..
I remember when I got my SVIP tickets I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I couldn't really enjoy it. Everyone was freaking out: Yay I got a ticket.. woohoo jyj here i come.
But i was just: uhum... great... now leave me alone.


What OMI did to us should be illegal...
actually, I was sad at first that I won't be able to get SVIPS/VIPS as I wanted to sit with my friends who didn't have so much money. But after all that happened I'm really happy I was a person with general ticket. All this what you have written here hould be remembered by us all and shown to the public (JYJ and C-JES most preferably so they will think of a proper organisation.) as to show how to NOT organise a concert.

It was such a mess I'm embarassed. I'm really sad hearing all the complaining instead of words of gratitude towards JYJ for their hard work.

Anyway, thanls for summing this up ^^
Yeah this is the best example of how NOT to organize a concert.

But as bad as it was JYJ still got a very good feedback.. When they got on stage everyone forgot about all this mess and fully enjoyed it. :)

I'm about to write the rest of the fan acc now.. but I had to rent about OMI first to get this out of my chest. xD
Exactly. I just hope that next year someone else will organise the concert and that this time I'd be able to enjoy it with Phoneix FC ^^ This year I enjoyed it with my non-member friends:D

Well, it wasn't their fault so they got a good feedback and fantastic support from the fans. They rocked my world that night and I still can't forget it.

haha, I still wasn't able to write my fan acc as I'm not able to put it in words XD