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(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

(Friday) 04.11.2011 – Trip to Berlin

My trip to Berlin started on Friday morning. I didn’t have any sleep that night (damn insomnia) and so I prepared my luggage with everything that I planned to bring with me. 150 white lightsticks, Phoenix Shirts, Photobooks and a lot of other stuff… some clothes to wear too xD…
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When it was done and ready I immediately regretted having organized projects… IT WAS SO HEAVY!!! Half of my luggage was for JYJ...and I felt so sorry for my fellow phoenixes who had to bring lightsticks too… Vanessa, Bine, Genti, Juanjuan, Vanda, Mira, Melanie, Sabrina, Kimia, Jasmin, Katharina, Saroscha, Hanni & Nadine: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!! You’re really the best!!!! I hope the lightsticks didn’t kill you. Q_Q

The trip itself (7 hours) was not a big deal… I was worried that I would be too slow to catch the connecting trains.. but everything went smoothly.^^ (Except that one train had a delay of 20 minutes.. but luckily the other train had a delay also… and so I caught it in time!) When I was in Hannover, Bine texted me “I have a problem, my train has a delay of 30 minutes” … and I was like: “Oh yeah mine too..” “wait where are you?” “Hannover” “WHAAT?? ME TOO!” xDDDD And so we realized we were waiting at the same train station on the same platform… We laughed so hard when we met. xDD

The remaining 3 hours to Berlin went by really fast.. knowing that my friend was in the same train as me made the trip and the upcoming concerts feel real!!! That’s when everything started to become more exciting. ^_^

We arrived in Berlin around 3:30PM and met my friend Hanna a few minutes later. :) Together we head to the Metropol Hostel to check-in.  (It took us a little bit to find out the way cause the Berlin Hauptbahnhof is really confusing.^^ And besides that they have lots of staircases that made it difficult for us with our heavy bags. (Especially for me Q_Q) I was so slow…

Oh when we were searching for the right U-Bahn I was spazzing about JYJ loudly and 2 girls heard me and were like: JYJ??? Where? xD lol It was Tahmena and her friend. It was fun to meet other Cassies so randomly. ^_^ After a little chat we moved on to the right platform…

When we arrived at Mehringdamm we found the Hostel right away. It was right next to the exit and infront of it a very successful Döner stand. xD No matter which hour we were there it was always full of people!! We got in the Hostel and had to go up 4 floors. T.T I always hate it when they don’t have elevators.. This one had one but we were told not to use it cause sometimes it got stuck when more than 2 people go inside.. Apparently it was old and we didn’t wanna risk it.^^ So hurray for us with the heavy luggage.. when we reached the 4th floor we were DEAD! xD

(When you entered the Hostel this was right next to it.. We first made jokes like "Oh Junsu's karaoke" "lol lol take a picture" ... and later we figured out it was a real korean/japanese karaoke bar. xDDD)

The staff there was really nice though.. They welcomed us and gave us the keys or better said cards lol …
We were a bit confused between the corridors they looked like the corridors from Titanic. xDD
Do you remember the scene when Rose goes back to find Jack who’s captured in a room? And she looks right and left and every corridor looks the same?? It was the same in that hostel!! xDDD There was even the same flickering light like in the movie… haha really strange.. but we had our fun^^..

Then we finally found our room and went inside.. I must say I wasn’t so amazed by it. The beds were okay but the bathroom was disgusting. I don’t know what it was but sth inside smelled really really bad.. Maybe because it wasn’t used/opened for a long time? I have no idea.
Later we went to the receptionist and asked kindly if they could check it cause we couldn’t handle it. xD And the next morning they sent a cleaner. Though by then it wasn’t necessary anymore.. after we took our showers (and used so much shampoo) the smell disappeared..  xDD
What I also didn’t like in the room was that we didn’t have enough outlets. We had only one in the room and another one in the bathroom.. We were 5 people and everyone had to charge phones… it was a bit unpractical.

What I was happy about was to meet so many Cassies there!!! Most of the Phoenixes booked a room at Metropol Hostel and so we regularly bumped into fans.. :D We also met Agne, Irma und Agata who visted us in our room.. Girls you are really crazy xD I was really happy to meet you!!! I hope next time we can spend more time together.. You’re so funny!!!

The rest of Friday we spent picking up people.^^ First Carol (around 6PM) …

After we met Carol we spent some more time at the train station… we went to McDonalds had a big meal.. we were starving!! And afterwards we went to the pharmacy to buy thermal blankets. You know these gold/silver ‘blankets’ that firemen use when they wanna protect people from cold or heat? When I was an *cough* US5 fan *cough* I went to a concert and was waiting 4 hours in front of the venue…  it was freaking cold!! (-12°C)… Then security shared these kind of blankets among fans and I figured out they could be handy this time too. :P So we bought about 4.. cause they didn’t have more. But they told us they would preorder them and we could come the next day to pick them up.. So that’s what we did.^^

Later in the evening (11PM) we picked up Vanessa and by that time I stopped functioning. xD I could only walk around like a zombie… my brain was already sleeping. Remember that I hadn’t slept the night before? And after such a long trip and having to carry that heavy luggage up and down staircases my whole body was in pain. I don’t remember much of the rest of the evening.. I just know that I was so thankful to Bine that she guided us from one metro to another. Really Bine thank you so much!!! Without you Vanessa would still be there waiting for us. xDDD

Also Hanna thank you for helping me with my luggage all the time!! You’re shorter than me but a lot more powerful!! I was really amazed! :D Thank you so much .. I can’t remember if I thanked you so I do it now^^ I was really half asleep… *embarrassed*
So yeah once we reached the Hostel we went to sleep right away. I think the others were chatting a little bit more but I couldn’t do it any longer^^ I closed my eyes and was gone. ^^

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Hahahaha~ Omo, I love your fanaccount xDDD
It was so funny when we met in Hannover! It was such a great beginning of the whole trip ;)

Haha~ I tried my best to guide you around the metro stations... I made some mistakes, but in the end we always made it ;)

It was a great time~ I hope we will meet soon again ♥
Hahaha thanks!!! Yeah wasn't it??? I was so shocked when you said your train had a delay too.. and when i asked you where you are i realized OMG she's here xDD hahahaa

Hey you don't know how thankful I was!!! I was so tired and I felt so bad for not helping much but i didn't feel well at all Q__Q

Next time we won't pick them up.. they should see how they get there :PPP *is mean*

But we really can't pick up everyone all the time. Or next time we could be a smaller group again^^... 3 or max. 4 people.

Yeah I hope too :D Next year at the next JYJ concert *lol*
or even sooner :) i hope i'll find a new uni and job next year so I can effort traveling more too :)
That's true... why is it always us? xDD Why are we always picking everyone up?? xD Next time we should just enjoy the time there and let the others go by themselves ;D I mean.... we found the hostel too xD

Haha~ would be great <33 You can come and visit me again ;) You know that you're always welcome ♥
True.. ^^ but for people like carol or hanna for example who are not from germany i felt bad to let them go by themselves..^^

But next time we're gonna do it differently. Either everyone picks trains that arrive at similar hours or they gotta find their way on their own. :P

I know what you mean, but we were alone in Paris too xD And we still found the hostel ;) Haha~ But it's a good idea. They should just arrive at the same time :P
Well we were not alone.. we had us :P
I doubt I'd have found it alone xD it wasn't that easy like in Berlin. And nobody spole English there. xDD

But yeah the same time should be a good solution next time.
I hope they'll keep their promise and comeback for another concert *____*