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(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

(Saturday) 05.11.2011 – Fanmeeting

When I woke up on Saturday I almost couldn’t move! My limbs, my muscles every little part of my body hurt!!! It was like a truck had run over me. I’m not kidding. xD I slept for 9 hours the other girls one hour less cause they wanted to shower and eat breakfast. I knew I wouldn’t wake up so early so I said I’d skip breakfast and shower last.

From that time on my phone kept ringing every few minutes.. around 11PM I remember Nadine called me and told me that she arrived in Berlin but had to wait til 3PM to check in.. so they decided to go to the Tempodrom to check out the location.. and there were already 10-20 people lining up!!!It was crazy! xD

But I told her that we would still have the fanmeeting at 5PM and we’d come at 12AM as planned.
I showered, got ready and around noon we left the Hostel to do some sight-seeing. I remembered that on our street there was a Bubble Tea shop and because I never had the opportunity to try I wanted to buy one so desperately!! xD The other girls also wanted to try!! We found it and they were about to open.. so I decided to go buy sth quickly to eat from the bakery. (I was so hungry since I didn’t had breakfast with them. ^^) And when we went back it was open… ^_^

I had kiwi juice with strawberry popping bubbles.. OMG it tasted so good!! And it was really fun to drink it… xD

(Bine, Hanna, Vanessa, Carol and me)

The coolest thing (besides the bubble tea) was the music in the background. They had Big Bang!!!!!! :DD We were about to go when one of the girls recognized GD’s voice.. and then we decided to stay for 1-2 more songs.. then it changed to some other american song.. that’s when we left. :P

On our way back we bumped into a familiar face.. ESTHER! :D
Omo what a coincidence.. she was on her way to the hostel.. I went with her to the reception and met there some other cassies too.. after her check-in she joined us for some sight-seeing. ^_^

We took the sight-seeing bus where we had a very good view to see all important buildings and places in Berlin.

(Vanessa, Bine, Esther)

(Carol, Me, Hanna)

I didn’t take a lot of pics cause I wanted enough space for the JYJ videos later. :P (Now I regret it cause the videos didn’t come out well.. I wish I had taken more pics of us and Berlin instead)

Anyway… it was a nice tour and it wasn’t that cold. We also kept our eyes open because we thought we might see JYJ walking on the streets’. xD But couldn’t find them anywhere..

When we finished our tour it was about 4PM and we head straight to our hostel to get ready for the fanmeeting. We had organized a meeting at Potsdamer Platz to share the white lightsticks for our ‘White Ocean’ project. Phoenix bought 1000 lightsticks, KPOPvision 300… Cassiopeia_Finland 300.. and individual members bought some also.. We were so well prepared!! :D The venue had only 3000-3500 seats so we were really optimistic that this would become a success!

My girls and I guessed it would be enough to bring 300-400 lightsticks with us. Since many people already lined up infront of Tempodrom we didn’t expect a lot of fans to show up at the fanmeeting. 4:45PM my phone started ringing non-stop. “Elina, where are you?” “Here are 50 people waiting and asking for you”. I was shocked. xDD 50 people!!!! And we still had 15 minutes!!  xDDD
We packed our stuff and rushed to the metro… we had like only 5 minutes left til 5PM (people started to get impatient) xDD  and my phone didn’t stop ringing.. I stopped picking up.. I figured out it didn’t matter if I did or not. :P We’d have arrived soon anyway. When we got out the metro we met Lisa from KPOPvision! :D We noticed her hoodie.. lol…

It was funny how the group became bigger all of sudden and how we were walking towards the Potsdamer Platz with our bags.. like we were on a mission.  xDD

When we arrived I couldn’t believe my eyes!!!!!

SOO MANY PEOPLE HAD GATHERED THERE!!! O_O And when they saw us they started applauding!!!  *shivers*

Other Phoenixes had already put up some banners…

Vanda told me later that because they got impatient she decided to share the first 50 lightsticks already.. And because there were SO many people we climbed up the scaffold to have a better view and to be able to communicate with them. I saw in the back there were lots of Japanese fans with cameras and they were taking pictures/filming us.. I don’t exactly know.. but I was so happy that so many of them came.

Anna told me that the Japanese told her that Phoenix is quite famous among BigEast members which made me really proud!
We started sharing the white lightsticks.. and KPOPvision also plus some red… after a few minutes they were gone. xD And we were a bit sad that we didn’t bring enough with us cause we didn’t expect so many people.
I also saw a few men that tried to get lightsticks for them and for their kids. (5 years old or sth) They were clearly NOT fans.. but thought: Oh there’s sth for free, let’s get it. -.- Which made me mad.. And I didn’t give them any. I hope the others didn’t get tricked by them.

Besides that I was really really happy to be at the fanmeeting… I met so many friends again that I haven’t seen in ages… and also some friends that I hadn’t met at all until that afternoon. :D Though I felt a bit bad cause they called my name from every corner and I had to leave people to say hi to others… T.T And all in all we didn’t have much time to talk a lot.. I hope people are not mad at me T.T It was a weird situation being in that crowd and not knowing whom to answer first..

But I was happy to meet my friends… Sabrina, Vanda, Mira, Any, Trangi, Liu, GENTI my honey xD, Teta, Efi, omg and so many more.. I’m sorry my brain is dead xD But you know who you are… I love you all ^_^

Also Steffi!!!! OMG that was the biggest surprise that night!!!! I met her years ago at an US5 concert when I was 15 or sth and we met again at a 2nd one... then we lost contact... and found each other again somewhere online.. I don't remember if it was Kwick or another website.. but we added each other on msn and I showed her some Kpop songs.. then again we lost contact for about 2-3 years? xD And suddenly she's staying infront of me and is like: Elina, do you remember me???? xDD

OF COURSE I DID!! But I couldn't believe it was her.. xDDDD Wow.. just wow.. That's what you call destiny!!! hahaha from US5 to JYJ.. what a huge change. xD hahaha 

Then after the fun was over we got hungry.. and my group + Vicky, Chrissie, her friend (omo sry I forgot your name) Vanda & Mira decided to go to eat sth. ^_^ Vanda guided us to a Korean restaurant but when we got there we realized it was super duper small. Q_Q So we kept walking and found a Vietnamese restaurant.. That guy was a bit scary he saw us from inside and we were not even that close to the door.. but he came out immediately and was like: How many people are you? Come inside!! Hahha xDDD
But we would have entered anyway.. cause it was cold and we just wanted to eat and sit down.

We had a warm meal and after 1-2 hours we left. We still had some things to do before we head off to the Tempodrom.
We went to the supermarket and bought some snacks for the long night we had infront of us.^^ Also some things to drink and the most important: Cartons to sleep on!! xDDD

Of course we didn’t pay for the cartons.. they were for free^^…But omg it was so weird.. people looked at us strangely.. and one men asked Hanna what we’re gonna do with them. She told him about the concert.. and then he started talking about the pope and how he also waited for more than 4 hours in the cold to see him. LMAO xDDDD Random guy was random.. We laughed so hard when he left!!! xDDD