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(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

(Sunday) 06.11.2011 – Ticket Fight

Then we went to the hostel for a last time to get changed into warmer clothes… and we needed our tickets, hand warmers, thermal blankets and all that other stuff…  ^_^ Teta and Jasmin joined us too and together we head off to the Tempodrom. I was sooo excited..  We reached the venue a little bit before 1AM…

A nice security guy came to us and asked what kind of tickets we have. We said “SVIP and VIP” and he said: “The queue is over there” (on the left side…) The queue for the normal tickets was almost empty..  There were maybe 5 people lining up. Not like on the other side. xD The (S)VIP queue had about 50 people sitting there with thick blankets that they brought from their hotels or sleeping bags.. I saw Kimia and Xuxu too.. who were half asleep.. but when they saw me they said hi and quickly told us what was going on.

OMI didn’t care to tell the Tempodrom about the fans and so nobody prepared security or fences. One guy then noticed them and they told him what would happen in the next few hours. xD The staff felt sorry for us so they arranged security and this nice guy took care of us the whole freakin night! Thanks to him we survived and were also allowed to use the toilets. 

We sat down almost at the edge of the staircases and made ourselves ‘comfortable’ on the cartons…

I had some feet and hand warmers too.. the feet warmers worked quite well.. but the hand warmers were a waste of money. -.-  I tried to find some sleep in the thermal blankets but couldn’t… it was so cold… I looked up in the sky.. it was so beautiful… I’ve never slept outside like this with such a view.. if it hadn’t been so cold it would have been quite enjoyable with the blue sky and stars above your head. :D
I felt a bit like a homeless person but you know what? Being with my friends together made everything so exciting. xD It was cold but it was so much fun!! Jasmin, Hanna, Teta and I were spazzing over DBSK pictures… we were talking about everything and anything..  Bine and Vanessa managed to get some sleep.. I wonder how!!! xDDD

I won’t forget when some Japanese fans came and sat down next to us and even in front of us.. I was cursing in German but was not brave enough to say anything.. I only stared at them angrily. Suddenly Teta became ninja and stood up… went to them and said nicely “look this is a line.. and we’re lining up heeeere! *demonstrates it with hand gestures* Could you please go behind us?”
And thank Xiah they did. xD Yokatta desu… hahaha
I’m glad they understood and were not mad. We were not waiting in the cold for hours for nothing after all.

Then around 4AM I was so cold I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up and suggested to give a dance crash course of ‘be my girl’ and Tahmena (who joined us later), Hanna, Jasmin, Teta and I began to practice. xD The dance was very easy and I only had to show it 3 times .. they learned so fast. :D This dance is the best way to keep you warm!! It helped for half an hour and we repeated it again at 5AM… ;D
I didn’t stay there the whole time.. I’ve spent some time with Kimia and Xuxu too when they woke up.. I hadn’t see them for so long.. (last time was during the Rain concert) and we had lots of things to talk about. :D

Then Hanna and I went to grab some hot chocolate / coffee at the metro station. (After we saw Jasmin’s and Teta’s awesome idea we got jealous. lol) It was so warm there omg *__* We stayed for almost an hour when we came out it was morning already… the sun had come out. xDDDD We felt a little bad though cause we left the others there protecting our spot. Q_Q Mianhae chingus!!!! I hope you forgive us!!!!
But it was cool to get to know you better Hanna! ^-^ It was shocking that we’re actually so alike and have a similar story about university… I hope the schools we’re gonna visit and the people we’re gonna meet in the future will be a better experience for both of us!!!
When we went back the queues were getting longer and longer. I walked up and down to see if I know someone.. and I met some of my friends!! :D Melanie, Trangi, Anna, Vanda… oh I was so happy so see you guys again ^_^

Oh and I remember that I saw Vanessa Kis frequently here and there. But we never really got to talk to each other… xD I hope next time you won't be so shy hahaha!!! xD

The last 3 hours passed quite fast.. I think it was because I talked to so many people that I didn’t even notice the time. xD Then suddenly around 9AM everyone stood up. PANIC! I rushed forward to get my bag and everything important so I could get in line.
A lot of people who were behind us cheated to get in front. I especially remember a guy who was sitting meters away from us.. and when we lined up he was suddenly in the front where people had waited since the last night! -.- It was so freakin unfair.
But what can you say.. I just tried to defend my place… always Hanna by my side helping me stay in line. ♥ :D

(pic credits: Jasmin Peukert)

(pic credits: Jasmin Peukert)

What kinda bothered us a bit was that there were fans with LOTS of tickets to exchange for them and their friends. There was a rumor about a Japanese girl who had like 60 tickets. (wtf) I don’t know what happened to her and if she managed to trade all of them..but that was ridiculous. Tempodrom / OMI or whoever is responsible should have set up a limit. -.-

Another thing that bothered me was this Jaejoong Fanclub sharing green lightsticks. -.- Don't get me wrong I have nothing against projects for individual members.. but I'm sensitive when it comes to lightsticks.. cause some people tend to use them during the whole concert!! And they ruin the Red Ocean! -.- It's a JYJ concert not a Jaejoong concert.. use it during his solo, no problem! But please don't ruin the red fuckin ocean I've been waiting for 5 years to see!!! (More about the concert later)

When we waited for them to open the ticket office we saw someone on the other side of the street.. and I'm not kidding he looked like Yoochun!!! Some girls were curious and went to see... and suddenly LOADS of people followed.. some of them screamed too.. when they realized it's not him. xDD He and his partner were selling red LED lightsticks.. LOL

You know what was funny? When everyone was running to him I didn't wanna go away!! My spot was more important to me. xDD LOL But I admit for a second I was irritated what to do. ^^

It took them forever to open the ticket office.. but that's not Tempodrom's fault but OMI's. (More about it in the first Part^^)

At 12 PM we finally could exchange them.
I had to pee so bad xDDD And I just wanted to get it over with. lol
When it was Vicky’s turn the security lady noticed that we’re friends and told me I should give her my tickets so I could get out the line. So I did.
When Vicky came back we couldn’t believe it!!!


We screamed like mad fans. Hahaha xD
Everyone was looking at us.. but I couldn’t hold back my joy. :D
Spending the night there was totally worth it.. but I was so glad that I could finally go home. I was so exhausted!!!! It was like 12PM-1PM and they’d open doors for us around 5PM… so we rushed back to the hostel to get some rest before It started.

Back at the hostel we all fell on our beds not able to move. xD Soooo dead. People kept calling/ messaging me but I couldn’t pick up.. sorry guys. Dead people can’t answer phones. xD
We lay there for an hour and then we started getting showers.. one by one. I took the time to prepare the presents and take pictures of them.

When it was my turn to shower it was the best thing ever.. The bathroom felt like a sauna xD everyone showered with hot water hahaha I really enjoyed it. After such a cold night it was the best!!
Afterwards we got ready for the concert.
Anna, Trangi and other girls came to visit us too.. they left messages for JYJ in the photobooks … and around 5PM we head off to the venue.

Again people were calling me.. I remember Maria called me once and told me that someone wanted to interview Phoenix. And I told her to just tell them sth haha xD I’m sorry Maria that I thought you were Maira first xD I mixed up your names on my phone. Lmao

Speaking of Maira.. girl I totally love you!!! xDD Thanks for the lil presents.. you were so sweet!!! I hope you enjoyed SVIP *hehehe* I hope we can meet very soon again!! *__* I wish I could come with you to Korea.. T_T

Oh and Yin Hong I’m sorry you had to wait there 4 hours.. I told you Esther would exchange the tickets :P you could trust her … hehe
It took us some time to leave the hostel cause of the preparations… but in the end I’m glad we didn’t leave too early. Cause that means we would have to wait longer in the cold.. which I really had enough of^^…

We shared the last white lightsticks infront of the venue and a few minutes later they opened the doors.
I told you in the precious Fanacc what big shock was awaiting us. -.- But luckily we managed to get our seats.
Something I found funny was the fact that so many people knew me there. lol I went inside and people from different directions called my name.. or came to hug me. xDDD It was omfg-like xDD I never realized that I know so many people… it was like being together with my family ^__^ I wonder if it’s gonna be the same feeling in 5 years when JYJ will have a much bigger fanbase.. But for now I really enjoy this that everyone knows each other… :)

Oh and someone was sharing these.. the QR codes lead me to JYJ's daum site. xDD

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Hahahaha! I didn't even notice that you thought I was someone else! XDDD I was just so excited because I thought "this is our chance to represent phoneix!O_O"....and then almost nothing of what I told them got on TV, just about one sentence^^;;;;;;

Oh well, it was fun meeting you and the others and the concert was just LOVE! ♥_♥

(I just regret that I wasn't able to pick up the newspaper from Any >_<;)
Ne ;) dont worry ;) I will send it to you... as agreed I was waiting for this concert to see whom I can meet or not ;) so ;) the promise still stays ;)

I just need to finish the fan accounts and than I can start with the organisation of sending newspapers out ;)

Eli ;) I already miss you so much... Even if we spent little time together, it was really precious to me and I took a lot of wonderful memories from Berlin. ;)

I was so glad to be there with all friends again together. Berlin is such a nice city and you know what? ;) I was able to move by myself without worries... that was the best! ;)
huh? but Any you already gave me the newspapers.. you forgot? xD
how did you like the magazines? :D they were heavy weren't they?

Aww I'm really glad you liked Berlin and Germany ^_^
Nothing like Paris right? *muahaha* xDDD

I was also sooo happy to meet you again!!!
I remember when we first met infront of the hostel door and i saw you and you hugged me and everyone was looking hahahah
and then we had to leave right away.. what a funny meeting/leaving.

But then later when we met again it was so cool :)) I wish we had more time to hang out together. T.T

Hopefully next time the tickets will have numbers so we don't have to wait infront of the venue and can go somewhere together!! ^_^