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(To read Part 1 go to: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

Please note: None of these videos are mine. Credits go to their respective owners on youtube!

(Sunday) 06.11.2011 – The Concert

A/N: The Phoenix projects for that concert were:
  • Red Ocean
  • White Ocean during 'In Heaven' performance
  • Fanchants
  • Flashmob during ‘Be My Girl’
  • Singing along to Chajatta
  • Shouting ‘JYJ Saranghae’ to get an encore
When the concert started the first thing they played was the JYJ 'In Heaven' - teaser. Everyone turned on their red lightsticks and we were shouting so loudly.. everyone went crazy. The 2 security guys in front of us looked at each other and you could see on their faces they prejudiced us. I bet they were thinking like: "Oh look yet another bunch of crazy fangirls."


Ohh if only they knew what they would see in the next 2 hours.

Someone said that they were making fun of us before the concert saying “oh red lightsticks here… must be a little project”… (not knowing that we would all turn red later on HAHAHA)

Fans were cheering: JYJ, JYJ…

And there were also waves through the blocks :D How do you say "Laola-Welle in English?" xD hahaha You know that wave that they do during soccer games too^^...

And few seconds later JYJ finally appeared on stage with the song “Empty”! Gosh you should see me now I’m totally spazzing and can’t focus on writing. xDDDD *tries hard*

The crowd was so energetic even though we were forced to sit down everyone was waving their lightsticks and doing the fanchants.. I looked behind me the whole venue was red. I can’t describe the feeling I had.. I had been waiting for over 4 years to see this Red Ocean with my own eyes.. I had only seen Cassiopeia’s power in videos and dreamt to be part of it one day and there I was finally experiencing it on my own. It was AMAZING!
Then it was the MC part and they introduced themselves and were asked a few questions. We were so lucky to have English translators here. *_* I won’t repeat every single word they said you can search on youtube for the MC talks.. But one thing I found funny was when the host asked “what can fans take home tonight” and Yoochun was like: "Junsu’s butt." xDDDD

Junsu #foreverbullied !!! xDDD

They made him always talk first when they were asked questions.. hahaha
Something that made us laugh (that was wrongly translated) was Junsu’s answer to “What is your favorite German food” and Junsu said “German bread” but the host translated it “German Bananas” … it caused a lot of laughter it was hilarious xDDDDDD

And yeah Jae & Yoochun liked German beer and sausages and also said German girls are so tall and asked if we like short guys.. hahaha

Well afterwards they performed Ayyy Girl… and then the song everyone was waiting for: BE MY GIRL!
Up until that song everyone was trying their best to sit down..first they sang the normal version of 'Be my girl' and then they changed it into the remix. During the normal version you could see some fans standing up and the security was giving us hand signs: "Please sit down…"
And then when they changed to remix suddenly EVERYONE stood up.. we didn’t give a fuck and started dancing!!!

You should have seen the security's faces!!!! And especially the boy’s faces!!!! I laughed so hard when Yoochun screamed “EVERYBODY GET UP” (hahaha in yo face security ♥)
And we rocked that song man.. we rocked it!! I had Yoochun and later Junsu in front of me.. You could see them being so surprised and proud that everyone could dance along… both, JYJ and us fans had sooo much fun.. They even added 1 more chorus.. by the end of the 3rd chorus I stopped singing and just danced cause I couldn’t do both xD I was out of breath!! xDD When the song was over I needed water so desperately.. but had nothing with me. Q_Q oh well..

But I was so damn happy!!!!

Then the boys went backstage to change clothes and we were shouting “JYJ, JYJ”…

They came back for their solos.

I don’t need to mention how breathtaking the performances were. *_*

During Jae’s solo most of the fans changed to green which was beautiful but I didn’t like that there was nothing for Junsu and Yoochun. Don’t get me wrong I understand that this was organized by a Jaejoong Fanclub and the idea was pretty cool. But some fans kept the green lightsticks during the rest of the concert which really bothered me. (I wanted a red ocean only. Not a fail one like in Beijing) The people who shared them gave the lightsticks to random people and of course most of them liked it and participated. But I’m 100% sure that not all of them were Jaejoong biased! They would have joined sth for Junsu and Yoochun too. And I don’t know what our boys think but I wouldn’t like it if they thought “Oh German/European fans like Jaejoong best. Jaejoong is the most popular here.”  Cause it’s not true. They’re ALL popular! Besides I think the Jaejoong fanclub was not even European.. :/ So they don’t represent us. I don’t know maybe I’m overacting but this is just my opinion. Project was cool but I would have felt better if there was sth for Junsu and Yoochun as well.
Whatever.. back to the solos..

I fell in love with Junsu all over again!!!! Gosh how long I was waiting to hear this voice live and finally my dream came true!! *__* I still can’t believe he was standing a few meters in front of me singing his lungs out.. haha I’m so damn proud of you Kim Junsu!!

Then the next song that gave me goosebumps was Chajatta!

I bet they were not expecting us to know the lyrics.. but we knew and we sang throughout the whole song!
Again the boys were smiling non-stop… (Look at the fancam yoochun's smile is priceless!!!) and the reaction of the other 2 were similar. xDD Gosh the atmosphere was indescribable!!!!

I mean it’s like the same with the Greek singers who come to Germany for concerts.. there are fans in the crowd who are German but know every freakin word… the singers must feel so proud and be so surprised that someone from another country, who speaks another language, learns the lyrics and sings along.. It must be the best feeling ever!!! :D

And you could see that our boys were proud. Next time I wanna learn even more songs by heart!! ^__^

Then I don’t remember if there were more songs or if they played another trailer. But when they played the trailer they had the Chajatta instrumental version in the background. And the whole crowd was singing along again!! *_* *proud of cassies to the max*

I won’t talk about every performance it would take too long.. but what I need to mention is ‘Mission’!

I admit Mission was never my favorite song.. I had only listened to it like 3 times.. I liked the beat though.. and after watching them practicing the song on youtube I started liking it.. but seeing them performing it on stage was a totally different feeling!!! And the dancing was OMFG-like.. Junsu totally killed it!!!! After the concert Mission was on repeat on my ipod!! xDDD

Then it was their ‘last talk’. I remember Junsu saying that he loves Germany and had always wanted to come to Germany. He was glad that they finally had the opportunity to come. And he also told about Sylvester Levay (you know the composer of Mozart Musical). And that he thought he lived in Berlin and wanted to meet him.. but was not living here and that’s why he was sad.. And the the fans were like: awww Q____Q xD

In general I have to say that the fans were really mature during the talks! Nobody was yelling.. everyone was listening and let them finish their sentence before they clapped! I saw fancams from Barcelona and fans kept screaming during the MC parts which really annoyed me. But here everyone behaved respectfully. ^_^ I’m so proud of everyone!!!

Then they said that the concert was almost over and that they sadly haven’t prepared more. lol
And fans started shouting: KAJIMA, KAJIMA, KAJIMA (which means ‘don’t go’ in Korean) (on the video above at 7:07)
Jaejoong had to laugh xDD
But yeah show must go on.. and they announced their last song ‘In Heaven’

Look at the video above at 8:40 onwards!!!!!!

And OMG I can’t type properly!!! xDDD
With that announcement slowly the red lights disappeared and when we heard the first notes of ‘In Heaven’ everyone hold up their white lightstick. I was nervous and curious to see if our project really worked out and so I turned my head back and … GOT GOOSE BUMPS! I’m not kidding!! The whole crowd turned white!!!! (only a few outsiders had still green lol) but the rest was white.. and I looked at JYJ and they were looking at the crowd up and down… they had tears in their eyes!!!

I will never … NEVER forget that look on their face.  It was AMAZING!

You can imagine how thrilled everyone was … when they left the stage we still had so much power in us!!! And again I’m not kidding we were shouting for about 5 minutes non-stop: JYJ, JYJ, JYJ…. And then changed it to: JYJ saranghae, JYJ saranghae,…. And finally dropped the JYJ and continued even harder: SARANGHAE, SARANGHAE.

(If you watch the fancam you’ll see the saranghae became faster at the end also)
Then they came out for an encore and sang ‘Get Out’ and ‘Empty Remix’. During the whole concert (except for 1-2 songs) we were sitting.. but then during Empty I couldn’t take it anymore and just stood up… and suddenly everyone stood up xDDDD and Yoochun was like: JUMP, JUMP!!! Hahahaa

What a great feeling it was!!

And then they were gone. T.T We kept shouting: JYJ, JYJ, ... for about 5 minutes.. And the security even turned on their cameras and lights again.. the other guy checked behind the curtain but JYJ didn't come out. :( I hope they heard us though. We were really shouting for a long time and we didn't wanna go. xD Then the security assured us this was really the end... lol
Never had I experienced such a thing! Never!
Usually fans of boybands scream their lungs out and are busy to yell the idol’s name lol.. but this concert was SO different and SO much better than anything I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been to many concerts in my life.. I know how fans usually behave.. not like Cassies!! xD We were really the coolest!!! Even the security was amazed!
Here a few quotes from media and fans:

It felt like a club. That was how carefree the European fans were. When JYJ danced, so did they. They waved their arms from left to right, and jumped to the beat of the music. They danced for the entire two-hour concert and didn’t stop. They were quite different from the slightly passive(?) Korean fans who just wave their glowsticks. With the fans expressing their emotions through their body movements, the atmosphere inside the concert was hotter than ever. ~Dispatch

These fans sang along with accurate Korean pronunciation throughout the concert and JYJ presented the best show in response to their fans’ passionate support.” ~C-JeS

"My friend and me talked a bit with the security guards and they were really impressed how peaceful the fans were.
We sat quite in the front so we could see their faces when the concert started. And they were all grinning like crazy or with their mouth open, because they were really amazed by the power of the crowd."

"At the beginning only one block had red lightsticks, and one security guard said: "oh.. little fan project, but then JYJ came and everyone turned their lightsticks on, He was so Impressed"~ Alexandra

"Two male security guards in their 30s: 1: Hey those fans were really amazing! 2: If you ask me those boys were even better :P"~ Irina

I’m still smiling when I think about it…

And the best thing is: They promised to come back next year!!! ^_^

I remember my friend Teta saying: On Sunday we’ll have 2 shows. JYJ’s and ours!

And she was so damn right!!! xD We fuckin nailed it!!! I enjoyed Cassiopeia’s show as much as I enjoyed JYJ’s. And I’m glad to know that our concert was the finale.. cause “the best comes in the end” right? ;)

I can’t wait for next year’s concert when we’re all gonna meet again.. like a huge family reunion. And I would sleep in front of the venue again and do all the things we did exactly like this time. It was cold as shit but I don’t regret anything. When you’re with friends even the worst situation is bearable. Especially when you know what you’re gonna get in the end. ;D JYJ’s smiles were all worth it!!!!

Oh I forgot to tell.. after the concert we waited some time at the backside of Tempodrom in hope to see JYJ but we were waiting at the wrong place. xD
We head off to the hostel and met some friends on the way.. Guys I’m sorry I didn’t talk much … but believe me my voice was gone!!! Every word that came out hurt like hell… It was the hell!! I sang so loudly and cheered so much that my voice couldn’t handle it. T.T

Afterwards 3 of us went to sleep while Hanna, Jasmin and I went to the lobby where we met some more cassies hanging around. We had a nice chat til like 1-2AM? xD I don’t remember hahaha
But it was fun.. :D we were still so hyper and showed each other fancams..
Then I went to bed and the next day we left for home.^^

I’m sure I forgot to mention a lot of people.. T.T My brain is getting old.. but I was happy to meet all of you!!! ^_^

Next time let’s meet again!! ^_^