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FANACCOUNT JYJ IN BERLIN CONCERT PART 3 / Rant about certain people


(To read Part 2 go here: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53982.html)
(To read Part 1 go here: http://xxelinaxx.livejournal.com/53383.html)

And now after the happy things I need to rant a bit about certain people who really pissed me off after the concert!
(And no, not the stans this time xD)

We were already used to get bashed by some stupid people, who can’t read, when we posted “rules of common sense” and we were also used to hear stupid comments like “Uh why does Phoenix organize projects at all? They think they’re important or what? They act like bosses… blabla” we were used to hear a lot of crap.. but never expected people to get jealous and giving us a bad name AFTER the concert!

When we came back fans started uploading their awesome fancams and of course we shared them via Facebook and Twitter to show our fellow members what we’ve experienced and also what we have accomplished. (projects etc)

The first days you could only read nice feedback! Everyone was proudly sharing everything and media wrote great articles about the concert and how everyone was singing along and knew the lyrics. Cassies (and fans from other fanclubs) congratulated us for succeeding with the projects. Especially the Red & White Ccean.. and the flashmob.
But of course where there is fame there is hate! And I should have known it but didn’t expect it.

Suddenly one staff member from one of the “big sites” messaged me on Twitter saying “There are people who complained about you copying our White Ocean. Did you ask us?"
And I was like: “Uh, no I didn’t.. did you do a White Ccean too?”
And she got mad telling me that New York and NJ had a White Ocean first.
And I said that I didn’t know about it, that we came up with that idea on our own...that we didn’t copy anyone. Since we had no idea there was a White Ocean in New York before..
And she kept writing ironically: “Well then it’s time you watch some fancams.”
I really got pissed by then. How could we know every little projects fans do? Does she know how many concerts JYJ had this year? And the way she talked to me I didn’t like it.
And when I told her that her forum promoted our White Ocean project themselves (!) and never said anything and that I think it’s unfair to complain now that it’s over and done successfully she got mad and repeated “I’m not the one complaining.. I’m just delivering a message from people who complained”.

Yeah sure xD As if I believe that. I mean why even bother if she had no problem with it? Of course she had or else she wouldn’t have contacted me! But she didn’t expect that answer.
And then one of her friends butted in and told me to “leave her alone”.. though I should have been the one wanting to be left alone. o_O We were being bashed after all not the other way around.

But I let it go.

Then for a few days there was silence.. and suddenly the organizer “IntlCassieProj“ wrote to me on Twitter saying she heard sth about a White Ocean and wanted to know if I had asked the forum she collaborated with because no one asked her.

And I thought: Omg not again this bullshit. -.-

I told her that we didn’t ask anyone because we simply didn’t know about anything in America. And after all it was just an ocean.. All these different oceans have been done before.. it’s not like we copied the idea of an ocean from them!
And then she said things like what’s bothering people is that we say we asked the forum she collabed with “when in fact we didn’t”  

I again explained to her that we actually did. And that the forum itself promoted our projects. So I really don’t understand the problem now. -.- In the meantime she ranted about Phoenix Fanclub on her Twitter.. telling people we’re rude and whatnot… and how we copied their ocean without asking… giving us such a bad name! (and then after she ranted about everything she came to ask us personally)

That’s pissing me off!! We were not even the only ones who organized a White Ocean. The Spanish organized one for Spain too. But no one’s complaining about them only about us!

And what pisses me off the most is that aaaall this time that we were promoting the White Ocean - Project NOBODY(!!!) ever complained! We had to raise money for the lightsticks and kept posting it on FB/Twitter where a bunch of people shared and retweeted it. We asked all the big forums to promote it and they did.. we promoted it everywhere possible!!! And last but not least JYJ3 posted the projects on their site too!! But even then nobody said anything! Not a single word. Not from members, not from any organizers. And lastly not from her.
Why is everyone coming and complaining NOW when everything is over and done?

Jealousy is the only thing I can think of! Yes you’re jealous! Because your project maybe failed or because ours was better or I don’t know why. But you don’t like that we succeeded and that’s why you’re whining now!

I can only laugh about you, really. How uncool is that?

Phoenix didn’t copy any project. You don’t even own this idea cause the oceans have been done before! If this is all copyrighted then we shouldn’t be allowed to make red oceans either.. Let’s get permission first from the K-Cassies who were first. LMAO
That’s ridiculous.
You had thousand opportunities to contact us… we were promoting it for over 2 months.. no one of you ever said anything. Then please shut up! You only make yourselves look bad! -.-


Another thing that bothered me after the concert were some Spanish fans who started bitching over “which concert was better” and “the reason why Spanish projects failed was because Phoenix only focused on Berlin” and “why don’t they change their name from European to German Fanclub”.

(From a lot of different people not only one)

Can you imagine my headaches?

Please let me make it clear for you who are not “insiders” and also those who think they are but actually know nothing:

When the first rumors came up about JYJ coming to Europe a year ago we sent out invitations to different European Admins who owned a Fanclub, Group, Blog or whatever. We wanted to work TOGETHER on projects.. To collect and realize ideas TOGETHER!!! Cause this is what Phoenix is.. "A European Fanclub".

Sadly last year a concert didn’t work out and we had to postpone our project plans to this year.

But once they gave an official announcement that they would come for sure we again sent out invitations to get the “old team” back. German, Spanish, Greek, Italian, French Admins.. everyone was welcome! We started working on new projects for both concerts.. 

Berlin AND Barcelona!

And a few weeks before the Barcelona concert Spanish Admins came to me and said: “Look, these are our projects can you please promote them on Phoenix?”

It was a little shock that they had planned things for them and not in the group but we understood it and figured out it was better if we did it like this. Cause they were in Spain and could handle things better from there.. while the rest of us who would go to Berlin could handle things better here. And I’m from Germany too so it made sense to focus on Berlin.

Both sides were fine with it and we promoted their stuff, they promoted ours!

Everyone who was curious about Spanish concert and had questions we always tried to help! We helped so many Cassies, we posted information in English and provided everyone with important links! You can ask people around we never made a difference. We also had an “event page” on Facebook where we constantly answered fans when they had problems thanks to OMI. And ohh there were A LOT of problems.. But Phoenix was always there for everybody!

Did you have the feeling that we focused on Berlin only?

Then I suggest you go back and check again cause we were definitely not!

It hurts me that after so much time we’ve spent to help everyone we get only negative feedback. We only hear from Spanish fans that we're a German biased Fanclub just because our projects were better organized. Is it our fault? Why don’t you complain at your organization? We did the best we could with promoting but we were not responsible for the projects for Spain ever since the groups separated. And again it was not our fault!

And after all we still had a Phoenix representative there who went to both concerts so we could communicate better and be informed about the other side’s projects.

Between Phoenix and Spanish organizers there had never been problems! And we still don’t have!

But you Spanish fans who were not involved in this make us look bad and this is not fair!

You also make your own organizers feel bad because instead of appreciating their hard work you spread everywhere how much they failed.  


Last but not least I'm disappointed by some "friends". You really have no shame to bash us openly on Twitter, have you? I really don’t need people like you in my life.. next time don’t pretend to be nice if you talk to me.. I hate people who talk nice in front of you and bad behind you. Then we can as well not talk at all. ;)

This was my little rant about everything.
Sorry that I made your eyes hurt with so much text. But some things needed to be told.


somehow after reading I felt like goint "amen girl..." lolz
I feel bad that you got so much negative response back T_T you worked so hard! and I'm sad I didn't get to talk more with you at the concert T_T
the ocean thing? pft... omg.. people.. it's called www.check-your-facts.com/before-you-ask.

Thanks dear ♥ *hugs back*
LOL www.check-your-facts.com/before-you-ask THIS SO MUCH!!!

I hope next time we get to talk more at the concert !!! *.*
do you even know who I am? I don't think I've ever written something to you through this profile XD
you didn't? but i remember you... well from writing xD
tbh i don't know who exactly you are right now *a bit confused* xD
I'm Shim Changmin..

naah not really.. it's meeee Stinie XD this is my second LJ account I had forgot about untill now.. lolz *head hits table*
Changmin!!!!!! I knew it was you!!! I just knew it!! These sarcastic comments it could only be you!! hahaaha ♥

Oh okay now i know :D
why you have so many accounts lmao~

But yes i wanted to talk more to you Q_Q i only saw you at the receptio. *cries*
sarcstic is my middle name between tall and sexy~ *smacks self for lying about being sexy*

I made this account before I turned 18 so I could read YunJae *hides...* I use the other one for posting.. *haven been posting in a long time.. hides more*

the receptio yes T_T and waving at the concert.
I was at the fanmeeting.. but I got so shy with all those people that I only maneged to talk to very very few *cires.. wae I'm so shy!? I've never been so shy before!*

Aww so cute!! But you were not the only one. xDD A lot of people said they were too shy to say hi.. hahaha
next time I'll find you and say hi first :P
you won't leave before i talk to you!!!!! *eu kyang kyang*

Ah i see :D sneeky girl ;D but oh what we have done for yunjae fics xDD i know too well!! but it was worth it :P
danke!.. you're so sweet taking care of so many things. may I make a chibi of you some time? por favor?

heheh.. YunJae fics are <3 *euuu kyang kyangehehehe*
awww LOL!!!
YOU'RE cute!! haha yes make one!!!! :DDD i love your art skills :)
ueee... >///<
danke schön
It's sad we can't just enjoy the after-dreams of the concert.

I didn't even know about these people bothering you! :O

Seriously, how dare they. I totally agree with you. They see GREEN from the ENVY because it was totally AWESOME!

And ugh such "friends" are totally sucking, because they are everywhere and if I'd meet such people and hear them afterwards on Twitter with hateful tweets, they have to be careful the next time I'd see them.

Well, the concerts were great, and if the situation between HoMin and JYJ still hasn't been cleared by next year, there's always a huge possibility they'll come back to Europe, and then I personally really much want to see these bitches who are ruining pretty much things for us now.

A few days ago, suddenly a Spanish girl started to bash me, I don't know what she said because she tweeted in Spain, but it was def not nice about German. Since she tweeted something about 'allemande', I figured out it was about the concert. I've blocked her now. But ugh, it's just totally ridiculous. Spamming me.

What in the world?!

I just want to forget all these bad things, because this concert was something in my life I will never forget. The whole audience was connected and it felt so totally right to be here.

But with all these ''fans'' annoying all the time, it makes it hard...


Always Keep The Faith.
Of course they're jealous of the German concert. Anything else doesn't make any sense.

And lol she tweeted you in Spanish? hahaha these people seriously..
Expecting everyone to know their language. xDD
If they wanna hurt us at least use English so we can understand.. lol

The next time I'll see these "friends" I will simply not talk to them. But I doubt they'll have the guts to talk to me after what happened.

Same here I won't let these people ruin my mood the concert was epic.. better than any concert I've been to!!! *_* I'm really looking forward to next time.