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Just curious...

is any of my followers still using LJ? XD I haven't been here for ages ...
Kinda miss this place where you could write your personal stuff and had only a handful of readers ...

Many things changed I don't even know how this works anymore..

I lost contact with so many of you.. if you read this, how have you been?

edit: My LJ is so ruined... tinypic either deleted or replaced my pictures with some random shit and now it's all fucked up. I can pretty much delete all entries or search up the pictures again.. but I'm way too lazy to do that^^... omo.. x.x



I don't really use LJ anymore but I do understand your feeling. LJ was better for blogging then Tumblr, FB, Twitter.
IKR? It was more personal and everything..kind of like a diary ^^ tumblr and twitter is not the same T.T

lol are you commenting on your own entries? :D

I'm still on LJ but mostly to read stuff I follow and post comments, but my own journal has been very neglected...^^; I actually thought about posting something, just to not get it deleted or smth...can it even get deleted due to inactivity?? XD
Oops, I didn't see you were replying to another person! O.O
LJ, what r u doin?? XD
(Why would i do that? LMAO!)

yeah same here.. though i stopped following most of the communities i'm member of... :/ the only one i still visit frequently is Omona. ^^ My own LJ is dead though just like yours. XDDD

Ah and I don't think it gets deleted.^^
I don't really use it for posting stuff anymore. I only use it for reading fanfiction, downloading subbed videos and stay up-to-date with the latest news about japanese and korean entertainment.
But yeah, I know what you mean. It was so much better here on LJ where you could decide who got to see your blog post and stuff but unfortunately many people switched to Tumblr (and tumblr sucks if you want to blog without letting the whole world know how you're feeling right now).
True.. :/
Tumblr is a completely other thing.. and it's so impersonal... At least here on LJ you got to know the people you write with..but over tumblr you don't even know how old they are.. you can't even comment on posts properly...so annoying.^^

You still read Fanfics? I kinda miss that time too... i don't have time for that anymore Q____Q
Yeah. That's what I liked about LJ. Not that I had any people reading my stuff anyways but at least I kind of knew who was reading it IF there were people. xD

Yes, I still read and write fanfics.
Sadly I have way too much time - thank god I at least have my dance group that needs to be taken care of or otherwhise I would probably go crazy with having so much time and not knowing what to do (okay, I WOULD know what to do but watching dramas and reading fanfics 24/7 is getting boring at some point).