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What is an OT5? Where did this term come from?

This is a small guide to new and old DBSK fans who wonder what OT5 really means and where it came from.

If you listen to Kpop you might have come across this term which a lot of DBSK fans (Cassiopeia) like to use.

Some fans may ask you "Are you an OT5?" or claim "I'm an OT5". What it basically means is that you are a fan of all 5 original DBSK members. I personally don't like to use the term OT5 though and prefer to say "OT5 fan". Let me explain why:

If you are a fanfiction reader you might know that at the beginning of each story there is a short explanation what the FF is about. Usually they state the rating, a plot, number of chapters etc.. and there is also the point "pairing". It states which couple the fanfiction is about! So when you read a YunJae fanfiction with a little bit of Yoosu it would say: Pairing: YunJae; Yoosu or sth like that. In Kpop there is this fanservice with members being paired and it's nothing unusual if someone asks you which your favorite "couple" in a group is. And you would say "My OTP is ___"

An OTP stands for "One True Pairing" and means the "ultimate couple". My personal OTP is and will always be Yunjae, cause they were real :P But that's just a side note.

Now you know what OTP means. You might ask "what is OT5 then?" - OT5 is basically the same kind of term, it stands for "One True 5" and pretty much means the "ultimate number is 5".

If you use OT5 then you are referring to all 5 members of a group. If you say OT13, it means you are referring to all 13 members of a group. It's like you are pairing the entire group TOGETHER. :) Suddenly it's not just the OTP Yunjae or OTP Eunhae or whoever.. it's the entire group who is the ultimate couple. You ship all 5 or all 13.. or OT7 and so on.^^

In the past (before the lawsuit) OT5 was just a term to describe that your ultimate couple / ultimate pairing is the entire group and not just 2 guys.^^ If I started reading a fanfiction in the past and saw the term OT5 then I knew it was a story about all 5. If someone asked me who my favorite member was I would say "I like OT5." = I don't have a bias I ship them all together.

However AFTER the lawsuit international fans took this term and started using it in a different way. They would all of sudden say "I'm an OT5" in order to explain that they believe in all 5 and that they are fans of all 5 members. In the fandom they distinguish between "stans" (JYJ or HoMin only fans) and the "OT5" (fans of all members).

And this is just plain wrong because we are not OT5s! DBSK are OT5 (One True 5 Pairing) ... WE are CASSIOPEIA. We are OT5 FANS! But saying "I'm an OT5" is just wrong, it doesn't make sense.^^

I hope I could make it clear for some of you. ;)



I just.. lol-ing at the last gif. haha
Ah.. reminding me of the old days..
I agree with you, OT5 is not a fandom.. I was kinda confuse before. But yea.. tvxq and jyj fans keep growing everyday. for some new fans, am sure they're confuse too.
this post is really help :)
Thanks for your comment! ♥ :) I'm glad someone remembers the old days when we used "OT5" to describe the 5 boys and not us. xD
I was confused too when this started to spread and now everyone is using it without even knowing what it means or where it came from. lol

not only the boys, their fans also split, and not became 2 but 3 or maybe more..
like you said, there's stan, whether they're homin's or jyj's, and they who called em OT5.
and in my oppinion, the OT5 itself is split e_e
they who love the pairing that separate like yunjae and minsu,
and they who just love em as 5, you know, they who say no to the pairing thingy.
somehow, i feel bad for this fandom.
we love the same idols, even with different way, yet we hate each other.
well, not all of us tho. but, most of us. it can't be denied.
hey, am talking too much!
sorry hehe ^^;
Nahh you're sadly right. T_T the fandom is not what it used to be... but I think stans are not as much as OT5 fans. Especially in Japan Bigeast still supports both more or less equally! JYJ and HoMin!! Look at the Tokyo Dome Tours *_*
They sold out everything... and I don't know what it is like in Korea.. but internationally they still have more OT5 fans than stans.. :) It would be great if we could all be one fandom again.. I'm waiting for the day they reunite... then Cassiopeia will reunite too!! No more fights...
i hope so ..
never know what will happen in the future